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even if you are NOT an Aerospace engineer

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After talking to lots of young engineers everywhere in the World on different sectors ...

they usually say to me ...

  • I am quite lost due to the lack of information on job opportunities to access growing sectors
  • I am desperate after sending tens of Curriculums to lots of companies with no answer
  • I do not know how to make the difference with respect other engineers on the same situation as me
  • I get frustrated to see that I will not work as an engineer after my degree
  • I do not have confidence to add valuable into a company with my knowledge
  • I am tired of my sector and I look forward to changing to another sector
  • I successfully finished aerospace engineering and I'd love to move and work abroad
  • I am already specialized on GNSS but there are not job opportunities in my country

During my 20 years of career working as a space engineer within the most recognized space companies in Europe and as a director of a start-up in France, I interviewed many different engineers looking for hiring opportunities, but unfortunately, most of them are not kept during selection process.

WHY engineers ARE NOT hired?

The most common reason is « Specialization », their resume does not show any specific learning, training or internship in something closely related to the position or the sector they are applying for.

The Universities and engineering schools often propose specialization masters, but usually long, costly and still too global and too theoretical, not always fitting the real market needs ...

THERE IS A BETTER WAY to find a job

even if you are from countries outside Europe ...

Would you like to know more ? keep reading ...

Take the Opportunity to access the Space Sector of the GNSS through Specialized internship

Even if you are not An Space Engineer

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My name is Eduardo Tapias, graduated in Aeronautics in Madrid (Spain), I count with almost 20 passionate years on the Space Sector of Satellite Navigation, rather known as GNSS, either as part of big multinational companies and small start-ups, always mainly involved within the algorithmic and performance system core of both European Navigation Systems led by European Space Agency (ESA).

These last years as co-owner and technical director of a Start-up in France, I had to hire a lot of engineers thanks to our implication as a partner of Airbus Defence & Space Consortium, leader of the European Navigation Program EGNOS V3 for European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Commission (EC). During this time, I personally suffered the difficulties to find well prepared engineers on this sector and the lack of specialized training fitting the companies real needs.

Today, as the Director of GNSS Academy and consultant of start-ups in Silicon Valley, I still observe this thriving market in exponential growing with the development of the new precise positioning systems for Drones or Autonomous cars, which are some of the many other applications of the Satellite Navigation for the next years and decades

As a passionate of GNSS technology, I support the GNSS Market from its main asset: Engineers, creating the E2C path between Engineers seeking new job opportunities and the reference Companies demanding young qualified profiles through JSNP Program.

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but, what is the GNSS Sector ? 

GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite Systems

GNSS involves companies, programs and projects aiming to build systems and technologies for the determination of the position and time thanks to the information transmitted from satellite signals.

Satellite Signals are provided all over the world by a variety of satellite positioning systems, including global and regional constellations as well as Augmentation Systems, such as :

  • Global systems: GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia), Galileo (Europe), BeiDou (China)
  • Regional systems: QZSS (Japan), IRNSS (India), and BeiDou regional (China)
  • Augmentation Systems (SBAS): WAAS (USA), EGNOS (Europe), MSAS (Japan), GAGAN (India), SDCM (Russia) and SNAS (China)

Engineers are required to work in companies of both sectors below:

Upstream Sector

The Upstream Sector embeds all those companies and institutions involved on the development of the global and regional systems which are in charge of broadcasting a reliable Signal-In-Space (SIS) through the conception, design, implementation and deployment of the two main segments: the space segment with a satellite constellation and the ground segment with a dedicated Earth stations network

Video Courtesy of GSA on the GSA Youtube channel

Downstream Sector

Downstream Sector embeds companies exploiting the broadcast Signal-In-Space (SIS) provided by the Upstream sector, such as receivers manufactures leading to provide a robust, reliable, and precise positioning and timing for the multiple applications in road, aviation, maritime, railway, space, farming, agriculture, mapping, unmanned vehicles, drones and all commercial location-based applications

Video Courtesy of GSA on the GSA Youtube channel

According to the latest GNSS Market Report 2019 published by GSA (European GNSS Agency):

Carlos Des Dorides

Executive Director of the European GNSS Agency

The global GNSS downstream market continues to grow rapidly and this year the global installed base of GNSS devices in use is forecast to reach almost 6.5 billion, while global GNSS downstream market revenues from both devices and services are set to reach an astonishing €150 billion. It is worth highlighting that out of 1.7 billion GNSS shipped units in 2019, more than 40% will be Galileo enabled, a remarkable and promising result for European GNSS programme.

"The growing demand for precise location information, in combination with the ongoing evolution of GNSS technology means that today’s GNSS market is bigger than ever.
GNSS has become an omnipresent technology"

WHY to get this OPPORTUNITY ?

  • BOOST your professional career with an outstanding resume
  • COLLABORATE on ESA international space programs, such as Galileo
  • INTEGRATE some recognized European big companies
  • DESIGN the algorithms of a Satellite Positioning System
  • DIVE inside the technology of the autonomous vehicles and drones
  • WORK on an international and multicultural environment
  • BECOME a recognized expert in the Space/GNSS market
  • TRAVEL around the World showing and selling your work
  • SPEAK fluent english (and other languages) spreading your professional network
  • HAVE considerable incomes and a comfortable life
  • CONTRIBUTE on making the Earth a more sustainable place through technology

Alberto and Zineb both followed a guided training program with Eduardo in order to join GNSS Sector.
None of them were Aerospace Engineers

Alberto is a mechanical engineer from UPM in Madrid, he thought he could not access to GNSS from his degree and now he is working on ESA and Airbus projects for the development of one of the two main European GNSS Programs: EGNOS V3.

Zineb from Morocco as a young graduated engineer from ENSEEIHT school joined GNSS sector after a successful completion of a 4 months project guided by Eduardo. She is now working as a validation engineer for ESA and Airbus projects

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GNSS-reference experts at ESA and Industry say on LinkedIN:

Carlos López de Echazarreta - EGNOS System Performances Lead


Eduardo is one of those rare talented professionals who has the will to arrive to a win-win situation between customer/client. He has always had an active attitude, proposing new requirements and challenging the customer's ones so to understand their underneath need. I consider this as a very valuable attitude that helps to define a good-quality end product. He has a very strong background on GNSS, both for algorithm and system level. I look forward to meeting him again in a future project

Didier Flament - EGNOS Program Manager


Eduardo demonstrated high levels of energy, competence, creativity and passion, without forgetting the human qualities and high sense of team spirit he showed during these years.

I have had the great pleasure to see Eduardo coming back on the EGNOS program when we (ESA) and as ESA EGNOS program manager, have signed the EGNOS V3 program implementation contract with Airbus Industrial team including Abbia, beginning of 2018. His experience and know how accumulated over all these years on GNSS System Engineering in general and on EGNOS performance and algorithm design are extremely valuable and his departure is de facto an issue for EGNOS V3. I still wish to see him returning by one way or another to our EGNOS program.

Philippe Lemeu - Galileo Consortium Manager at Thales Alenia Space

Thales Alenia Space

« As Galileo consortium manager and EGNOS programme director in Thales Alenia Space, I had the opportunity during many years to work with Eduardo. Eduardo has a very strong knowledge in Navigation by satellite domain as well as a strong network with all major navigation actors like ESA, ESSP, GSA, industry …. He is engaged, accountable and able to think out of the box. Last but not least, his soft skills are outstanding with a good communication skill and a real active listening skill. He is also able to explain hard concepts using simple words. He is for me a good example of what all the engineers should be and it was a real pleasure to work with him. »

Xavier Berenguer - Technical Manager of African SBAS GNSS program

Thales Alenia Space - France

« Eduardo became a technical reference in the domain. Beyond his good technical skills in applied mathematics, he also has strong analysis capacity and pragmatism allowing to quickly find simple solutions to the daily problematics. With this strong technical background, he knew how to enlarge his competencies field to the customer relationship by taking more responsibility and visibility in the project reviews. His sense of relationships together with a true interest to understand and satisfy the clients allowing him to gain the confidence of the European Space Agency (ESA), and thus to actively contribute to the program success. »

My team

Myriam Foucras - R&D Engineer on Satellite Signals Processing

CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientific)

Eduardo is a recognized technical expert in the field and has a big network, so it is a chance to be able to benefit from his knowledge and share his enthusiasm and passion

It's a great idea Eduardo, congratulations! This is an innovative concept that answers a real need! We observe that the passage between students and engineers is often complicated: apprehension, misunderstanding, inadequacy, etc. This can be explained by a lack of communication between academy and industry, and it is necessary to better understand each other's expectations and needs. The "GNSS academy" plays the role of facilitator and gives confidence to the two future collaborators. For a young graduate, training by an expert in the field can only be a great springboard. For a company, hiring an engineer who knows the field, its context and who will be efficient. It is beneficial for everyone. The GNSS sector is very powerful, in France, Europe, the United States, all over the world, so it's clearly a sector where there are and where there will be a lot of opportunities 

Fayaz Bacard. - GNSS Software Manager

ABBIA GNSS Technologies

Eduardo was my boss at ABBIA as the technical director of the company. I appreciated so much his work as a manager. During all these years, he made the company to significantly grow reaching the leadership as a reference company on the GNSS Tools development for performances qualification as part of European SBAS program EGNOS V3 within the Consortium led by Airbus Defence and Space. He always showed a proactive attitude and a good understanding of the clients needs by trying to find the best tailored solutions. Eduardo helped me do things that I thought were technically Impossible. All team and myself really learned a lot thanks to Eduardo’s training to become experts on GNSS Sector. Eduardo always pushed the team to deliver On time a On Quality Software Product to our main customers. Now, he’s gone from the company, and I strongly recommend him as a team leader to build GNSS Software systems

My trainees

David Diaz

Aerospace & Telecommunications Engineer

Eduardo is one of the most inspiring engineers I have ever met. He is capable of transmitting all his passion for the GNSS world. As a trainee, I have had the opportunity to experience his hard work and motivation. He has an incredible knowledge of GNSS, and he knows perfectly how to transmit it. Eduardo always ensures that all the basic concepts have been understood, explaining them with a different point of view if needed, which demonstrates an incredible command of them. Furthermore, he is a model to follow not only in his professional career but also in his personal life. He has a special point of view of life and how personal and professional worlds have to be merged. Eduardo is a close person who is always full of energy and good vibes

Neus Revert

Aerospace Engineer

Eduardo was my trainer as part of the JSNP Internship Program at GNSS Academy. On the professional side, he is a really good teacher because he tried to share with us his knowledge, reaffirming him as an expert in GNSS. And, on the personal side, he is a wonderful person. He knows how to get the best out of everyone, and he is always ready to help you. Thanks for his knowledge, time, empathy, help, effort, and personal and professional dedication,... which helps us to get better and to attain our goals.

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** Only for eager engineers committed with their professional future
** Interview in Spanish, French Or English


if you’re about to finish your degree, there is not better time than now to explore job opportunities.

Book your interview with me and I’ll personally study your particular case.

Space Market and Satellite Navigation Sector is not only reserved for Aerospace Engineers but for those engineers or mathematicians or physicians with some background on maths and physics.

Telecommunications, Electronics, Industrial, IT are very welcome to this sector.

Book your interview and we study your particular case

Most of engineers want to change of sector during their first years in order to test other markets before becoming experts.

Reinvention to GNSS Sector will strongly depend on your background.

Book an interview and we see together your particular case

If you work already on a GNSS company and you’d like to improve your skills on GNSS in order to become an expert and have the opportunity to get more visibility and responsability on your company or even change of company, book your interview with me and we talk about your interests

"Only committed engineers are willing to invest on themselves in order to ensure a promising and successful future in a rapidly changing World"

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